About Us

Author: Natural Chicken Health  

Christine Dinas - Owner of Natural Chicken HealthNatural Chicken Health is a Cranbourne (Melbourne, VIC) based business that is passionate about the promotion of the benefits regarding the natural care of backyard chook/poultry.

Following the acquisition of Natural Chicken Health in 2023, Christine (Head Hen of the Natural Chicken Health flock - pictured above) is continuously formulating and expanding our original range of natural products. 

We are the proud manufacturers of -

  • NCH Super Mash
  • NCH Health Plus Poultry Booster
  • NCH Health Plus Peck Tray
  • NCH Probiotic Poultry Porridge

All Natural Chicken Health products are formulated in conjunction with one of Australia's leading Avian Specialist vets. They are also professionally manufactured in an Australian Pesticides and Veterminary Medicines Authority (APVMA) approved facility which ensures quality ingredients are used and stringent quality assurance and manufacturing processes are followed.
As a result, Natural Chicken Health is able to hold and maintain full insurance relating to our product range, which is not available to many businesses who produce their own products at home (risk is too high for many insurance carriers to approve).

Christine also owns and operates our sister-business called Aussie Chook Supplies.