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Super Mealworms, the larvae stage of Zophobas morio, are a great snack food for chooks, birds, reptiles, frogs, turtles, wildlife that feed on insects and all types of poultry. But as you will very quickly learn, it can get pricey for those tiny packs of baby mealworms from the local pet shop, so here at Aussie Chook Supplies we have put together various Super Mealworm breeder packs of various stages to get you started. 

Super Mealworms, being a larger sized mealworm, have a softer exoskeleton than traditional mealworms and a higher protein to shell ration (making them more digestable also). But mind your fingers during feeding time! Aussie Chook Supplies Super Mealworms are NOT fed hormones at any stage of their life.

Which Super Mealworm Breeding Pack suits my needs?

Mealworm Grower Pack- NOW AVAILABLE

This pack contains a range of mealworms in small, medium and large sizes for different growth rates and continuous ability to stagger pupation into beetles. Approx. 2 weeks after separation, a large mealworm will pupate and after approx. 2 weeks it will hatch into a beetle.
For those that don't have easy access to individual containers for the pupation process, purchasing some Isolation/Pupation bottles is an option.

Two weeks after hatching, a beetle will be mature enough to mate and produce fertile mealworm eggs. From egg to large mealworm, through to beetle/pupae and egg laying takes approx 6.5 months. Having mealworms from in different stages means that your cycle will have a great start to being continuous through the warmer months. Therefore this pack contains the following components -

- A number of Super Mealworms in small, medium and large sizes (the latter ready to pupate for beetles)
- 500g of our specially blended vegetarian Growth Media / Mealworm Bedding
200g Growth Booster Blend



Information Sheet & PDF Files

If you want to breed your own mealworms but are unsure how to set things up or what to do, please see our Super Mealworm Breeding Information Sheet here. This information sheet includes information on the timing of each stage, how long it takes for X to turn into Y, then turn into Z of the whole cycle etc.


Please keep them at a stable room temperature (can be stored in a container or plastic drawer set with the Growth Media / Mealworm Bedding. Optimal growth is achieved at between 22 - 26 degrees. DO NOT store them in a fridge as this runs the risk of killing them. Super mealworms are temperature sensitive and can die in cold temperatures (unlike normal mealworms, Tenebrio Molitor.)

Postage & Packaging

All orders will be sent using Australia Post REGULAR POST and ONLY SENT ON TUESDAYS/WEDNESDAYS to minimise freight times. Please don't be concerned about them dying in their travels, we have extensive experience and fine tuned the best way to pack live mealworms for successful posting taking up to three weeks - I'm sure they'll get there alive and kicking long before it becomes an issue. Aussie Chook Supplies is also very proud to package our Super Mealworm breeding kits in Bio-pak containers, which are an eco-friendly packing alternative. They can be recycled but best utilised for mealworm/beetle shelter or to added to your home compost.

Pickup is also available from Melbourne South-Eastern suburbs (by appointment only).


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