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Based on the Coleman’s Poultry Mustard and Battles Poultry Spice Mix in the UK, our Respiratory Support Spice Mix is a blend of human grade spices and added extras that result in a highly palatable general health tonic for your darling girls.

Empirical evidence and customer feedback shows that it has the following benefits –

* Improved egg shell quality and encourages consistent egg laying.
* Increases egg production – quantity wise (especially during the winter months or coming out of a moult).
* Overall improved general health.
* Vigorous feather regrowth (either during moulting, over amorous roosters or in rescue chooks that have lost their feathers due to cage farm conditions)
* Helps support and boost the immune system to prevent respiratory problems. 
* Encourages chooks to eat a balanced diet, even if it isn’t their preferred food (chooks can be finicky eaters, preferring to pick their favourites and neglect the rest).

This product was formulated as a support for stressed immune systems to help your girls feel better and cope better in times of stress. Stress can trigger a dormant virus in a previously healthy chicken and unfortunately chickens can get stressed by a range of things including:

  • introducing it to a new environment (bring your new chook home)
  • introducing new chickens into your established flock, therefore causing stress to your existing chickens,
  • extreme and/or sudden changes in weather (heat waves, long periods of rain, storms)
  • frights from enthusiastic dogs/young children
  • attacks from foxes, feral cats, rats or birds of prey (crows, hawks etc).
  • moulting or returning to egg laying after being broody or raising chicks.

Feed one heaped tablespoon per four chickens onto moistened food or mash (to help it stick) daily or as required.


Vegetarian base, Mustard, Fenugreek, Tumeric, Ginger, Garlic, Aniseed, Black Pepper and Milk Thistle Extract.


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