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CritterKream is a completely natural, soothing barrier cream for pets, wildlife, poultry and other farm animals. It was developed to use on small cuts rashes and abrasions and works like by forming an invisible bandage over the wounds. CritterKream retains the skin moisture & protects from contaminants. It's so awesome we know of a wildlife organisation in Tasmania using it for sarcoptic mange in wombats. 

How to apply

Use at room temperature. Clean desired application area well and dry before application. Gently rub into the skin until excess product is absorbed. Re-apply as required.


Coconut oil, wax, honey and Flinders Island Myrtaceae oil extract.

Product Reviews

Vanessa is an absolute Wombat warrior, located in southern central Tasmania. She is an active volunteer with Wombat Rescue Tasmania and runs the Facebook page ‘Wombat Mange in the Derwent Valley’. She is constantly out in the field, keeping track of and treating Wombats that are suffering from mange.

She has recently shared her experience using CritterKleen® on her Facebook page and allowed us to publish it here:

I love your products! They’re absolutely magic! CritterKleen & CritterKream - A number of our Wombat carers use these amazing products! It is amazing in helping the skin. We have babies come in with attack wounds and large scabs up their rumps and backs. A few days of applying CritterKream, healing signs and regrowth is visible. I also use it on my eczema! Have applied it to Bull Ant & Jack Jumper bites for soothing relief. It also smells amazing! All natural products with no chemicals! :)



Marie shared her experience using CritterKlean on her social accounts and let us quote her here 

A few months ago, Marie’s shire mare Lille developed severe itchiness in numerous areas. To begin with, Marie suspected it might have something to do with the change of seasons. Over the warmer spring days the horses would naturally start to shed their winter coats. However, the horse couldn’t find comfort and she ended up scratching herself so much that she lost patches of fur and she would bleed in small areas as you can see in the photos Marie provided to us.

Marie asked around and had the vet take blood samples and skin scrapes to send for analysis. Unfortunately, all tests came back without any clear findings. Lille the horse received a single shot of steroids which seemed to help for a weeks time. She said she even tried Ivermectin treatment in case it could be neck worms, although all her horses are regularly wormed according to their FEC. Marie tried to bathe the horse with different medicinal shampoo, but nothing worked for her.

“In my humble opinion, the skin reaction looked like some kind of allergy or fungal infection, so I tried every cream and spray you can think of.. like everything! I tried to eliminate all her different feed and supplements one at a time to see if any of that would have an effect, but it didn’t.

I found out about CritterKleen® and have used the products for about 2 weeks. What a difference they have made! The Skin Repair comes in a 250ml bottle and gives the skin instant relief from whatever has caused the itchiness. I used a cotton ball to dap the product onto the affected areas. The CritterKream comes in a metal container. It’s a wax based barrier cream that conditions the skin afterwards. This is not paid advertising. But credit has to be given when something actually works! “


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