Allfarm Barrier Butter (Poultry Leg & Wattle Sealant) - 45g

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Allfarm Barrier Butter contains natural vegetable oil and virgin press wax which, when blended, forms a creamy butter. This formulation is sticky and readily adheres to skin and leg scales.  Thin layer smears act as a conditioner, promoting skin, wattle and scale colour, lustre and oil content.  A thicker layer of barrier cream forms a flexible buttery layer.  The result is a liquid bandage. The waxy properties of the bandage repel moisture and keep dust and contaminates away from damaged skin.

Application to the leg or wattle surface reduces air tension, which forms a natural parasite barrier. This “liquid sticking-plaster” may promote restoration of damaged or chronically inflamed healthy under-tissue.  A thick cream application and using the butter more often has a greater impact.  This is not considered to be a single application product, and should be applied at least every few days for as long as the skin is irritated.

Allfarm Barrier Butter can be applied: 

  • To the feet, toes, healthy leg scales, enlarged or disfigured leg scales, pads and wattles in poultry that display poor scale lustre or dryness, damaged or scarred wattle edges, or skin showing discharge, discomfort or red irritation due to feather loss.

  • As a wound dressing. Application may assist in natural wound healing and prevent or reduce contamination from environmental sources. Enlarged scales are softened, and will be less uncomfortable, aiding in their natural removal during healing.

  • As a moisturising agent for applying to legs, comb, wattles and face of poultry prior to showing for a natural sheen.

Directions for use

Application to both legs is recommended on the first treatment. Product thickens under 20°C. Warm to room temperature before use. Prior to use, ensure desired application areas are cleaned well with soapy water and dried. Remove the protective cap over the syringe tip and as the plunger is depressed, directly squeeze the Barrier Butter onto the target area. Gently rub the butter into the skin until excess product is absorbed.  A small bristle brush can be used to work the barrier butter in to the skin areas.  The butter will readily stick to the skin.  When a greater barrier effect is desired, heavily paint or “butter” the product directly onto the desired area. The product will be easily visible on the surface. Thoroughly cover the entire treatment area to form a thick soft barrier.

For maximum effect, following application, birds should be isolated in a wire floor or in an area with clean shavings. Re-apply as required, such as when the product has dried and is no longer visible, or, the target area appears dry. Applying this product frequently improves efficacy.

The product contains no antibacterial or sterilising agents.  Use product within 24-hours of opening the outer package and store in the fridge if there is remainder for future use.


Prewarm the product to hand warmth temperature before use but don’t store them above 40°C.  his enables easy dispensing, and enables the oils to stick to the skin or scales  readily. Partly used applicators should be kept under refrigeration and placed back in to foil bag. 

General Information

Ensure birds are out of direct sunlight following applications to wattles. There are no active ingredients.
Dispose of container by wrapping with paper and putting in garbage. 



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