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Super Mash has been recently reformulated to provide an even wider range of nutrients and probiotics to supplement and boost the health of your Feathered Family Members. 
Feed your chickens Super Mash to help -

- Boost overall health and general vitality

- Strengthen immune system using natural ingredients

- Improve gut health with our multi strain probiotics

- Firm up loose excrement and maintain a low odour coop

Feeding Guidelines 

- Suitable for adult chickens around Point Of Lay and older.

- Allow 60 grams of dry mix per adult chicken.

Feeding Instructions 

Measure dry mix into preferred clean feeding tray/bowl. Add enough warn water (see below) to make a firm paste. Give to chickens as their first feed of the day and remove/dispose at bedtime. Mix fresh for a second day of feeding if preferred.

Liquid Mix Guidelines

For a basic Mash, mix using straight water. You can also supercharge your Super Mash by replacing water with a 1:4 ratio of hight quality Apple Cider Vinegar and warm water (ie. 50mls ACV and 200mls water). Use this ACV/water miss to make a firm paste. Then refrigerate unused liquid for next Super Mash feeding. 

Extra Oomph Suggestions -

* Add Health Plus Poultry Booster to the dry SuperMash Mix before adding liquid.

* Add a small handful of Australian Black Soldier Fly Larvae for a protein boost and yuminess.


High Protein Bran and/or Pollard, Molasses Powder, Garlic, Seaweed, Diatomaceous Earth, Sulphur, Carrot, Agricultural Lime, Avian Probiotics.

Available in two sizes

750g - Feeds 12 chickens approx. 

2.5kg - Feeds 42 chickens approx.


Brand Natural Chicken Health

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